Im sorry if you’re worrying I’m sorry you care just stop caring no one else cares be like them it’s what I’m used to!!!!!!!!

Messages are making me scared I’ll reply later I’m sorry I’m so so sorry

Anonymous asked: 2/2 if you keep everything to yourself its just going to get worse, because youre just sinking yourself deeper into the shit you got in, and its going to get smellier. lots of people care about you here, you just need to call us and well be there!

I just dont wantt to hurt anyone anymor e im sorry

Anonymous asked: i would actually miss you a lot if you died (by your own hand or not). i love seeing you online and occasionally sending you an anonymous message (i have a really hard time getting the nerve to send one off anon) and just know that i along with a buttload of other people would miss you so please... focus on the good and let the bad become background noise

theress no good the b ad is too loud I camt keep up im soerry

Anonymous asked: When do you plan on killing yourself?

I told myself. I could hold on till next month I want the kagepro anime to finish before I die I loved it so much it had such a big impact on my life and I would die when my exams reached their peak so haha I don’t have to fail like ‘ve done at everything else!!!!!!!! But now idk if I’m strong enough to make it to then I’m so weak

Anonymous asked: read It's Kind of a Funny Story. every problem has a solution, life will go on, live live live live

I dont want to go on!!!!i dont

Anonymous asked: Please please stay safe!! Someday you're gonna pet a kitten and that kitten will purr because you pet it!! Youre gonna make that little kitty happy!! You can make it there, I know you can. Don't let that kitty down!! Please take care of yourself, you're important.

who gives a shit there are others to pet kittens its better without me


sudden psa: if you ever think jin is some kind of cruel, heartless guy, he once cried at ayano no koufuku riron